5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Fresh Content

It was when a company could create a website, publish it on the web and let it just sit there, confident that it was doing its job. Those days are gone. Now, a website is your business, just as much as it is a brochure, business card, a media frenzy, collection. If companies want to be in business, keep old customers and cultivate new ones, then their website needs to have fresh, regular and relevant content.

This is why: –

1. Search Engine Rankings – The type of content a website has helps to determine search engine position. Search engine crawlers or robots as they are sometimes called, love websites that have fresh, regularly updated and useful information. As a result, they give them and appreciate them much more than sites that have old, unchanging material.

2. Shows knowledge – fresh content that conveys information about new products or the latest trend shows that you are monitoring industry and your website still has relevance. Web pages that show the old, outdated content will cause visitors to click away to find another website that is more useful to them. People like to know they are buying from a company that knows its business, so use your website to showcase your expertise.

3. Image – This ties in with the expertise. A site that has not been updated in months will cause potential customers or clients to wonder if the business is still business, and if they are, whether they will be able to provide the latest product or service.

4. Valuable – one that has its roots in knowledge. Offer valuable, up-to-date information to visitors will make them believe that your site is worth the return. If they find your site use and can trust what you are saying, they are more likely to spend money with you.

5. Expanded marketing opportunities – The more pages website contains more opportunities to include keywords and links. Keywords and phrases, commercially known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), are not as powerful as they once were, but they still play a major role in influencing the ranking of your website. Embed links are also popular among search engine bots, and more content there is, the more chances you have to use links and a wide search of natural, rather than stuffing the text with them, resulting in an awkward, stilted and unreadable prose.

There are several ways you can keep your website fresh. Add a blog to your site and make a post at least once a week. Add news section and try to update daily with the latest trends in your industry. Add videos, music and photos and updated with recent client testimonials. Happily, most of these, if not all, can be outsourced to copywriting, freeing you to continue running the company.

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